Life as a Guitarist Just Got Easier! - Integral Close Mic to the Rescue! By Justin Johnson.

The Benefits and the Opinions of the INTEGRAL Close Miking System by SamSystems!

BRG's Gareth and Vinnie test out the revolutionary SAMsystems Integral close miking system in the studio. In this test the integral goes head to head with the AKG 414 and the Shure SM57. Can you hear the difference?

Lewis Turner reviews the SAMSystems Integral IM Close Miking System for issue 46 of Guitar Interactive Magazine. Miking your guitar cab is a problem many leave to their sound engineer. But does that always get you the best sound? New British start-up company SAMSystems has developed an ingenious and cost-effective way of delivering the perfect sound every time. Finally, after several years testing on the road with top bands and engineers, the product is ready for launch and GI got there first for a review sample. Lewis Turner assesses the Integral close miking system. Check out the full review in Issue 46 here

Watch the Pitbull Audio Gear Preview powered by EnterTalk Radio of the INTEGRAL Close Miking System below...

"The Integral is a very exciting new product especially for sound engineers and those that are looking to mic up guitar cabinets"

Integral Microphone vs Shure SM57! @The Guitar Show 2018


Chris Buck talks about the benefits for INTEGRAL Close Miking System by SamSystems.

Connect with Chris Buck - 


Gil Norton on the INTEGRAL by Samsystems


This is an extract from an interview of Gil Norton, talking about the Integral close miking system. Gil Norton is a Grammy Award Winning Producer who has an interesting insight into the benefits of the INTEGRAL. Close Miking for Guitar Amps and Speakers It also acts like a sonic diffuser (Better Sound Dispersion), so great sound onstage and front of house.

Integral Close Miking IM Setup Guide!

We walk through setting up the SamSystems Integral with both a closeed and open Amp!

This is the first promo video for the Integral from samsystems.

The video was made by Edouard Rigaudière and Vincent Léger, connect with them

Edouard -

Vincent -

The INTEGRAL Close Miking System - The Solution...

Easy installation with a fit and forgot concept, you can’t go wrong. Never mic up your amp ever again, simply attach the XLR to your mixing desk and onward to monitors or FOH PA. It replaces traditional close miking techniques, meaning no need for dangling microphones or stands. Leaving a cleaner look on your setup! Reduces wire mess on stage, saving more space leaving a more professional look. Accompanied by a professional sound. Save time in setting up and remember time is money in the industry! It also makes life easier for the sound engineer. The Integral is equipped with a high-quality super cardioid dynamic microphone, housed in the "pepper pot", strategically aimed off center of the speaker coil. The mic outputs a true balanced analogue sound with an exceptional high/low, full range frequency response. Pressure tested at extreme volumes.

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