The INTEGRAL IM Series has been on tour and in studios all over the world with some of the best in the business. Here are some of them and what they have to say about the INTEGRAL.


"Your sound, every time.

No live musician should be without one of these!" 

—Mikey Demus Guitarist with “Skindred” on the INTEGRAL.

“My Integral has made my life so much easier. No more stressing over mic placement, and consistent tone night after night - through front-of-house, in my IEMs and in the studio!” 

— Nick Jennison (LickLibrary/Guitar Interactive/Saints Of Arcadia)” 

“I’m always looking for the best a guitarist can get from their personal gear set up, and the INTEGRAL Internal Mic is the perfect companion for the studio and the road!” 

—ACE Guitarist, Skunk Anansie on the INTEGRAL!

"INTEGRAL takes all the time out of sound checking, it’s so quick. I know that at every gig, the awesome sound from my bass rig on stage is gonna be the same through FOH system and back through the monitors. Thanks INTEGRAL."

— Zach Cornish, Bass Guitar & Vocals & Ethyrfield.

"The INTEGRAL has a clear cutting sound that’s perfect for my lead breaks, I can hear my guitar through the monitors above all the instruments on stage without feedback. The sound is the same every time, sound engineers are also impressed with INTEGRAL’s performance and quick set up time without mic stands."

— Ben Cornish, Lead Guitar, Ethyrfield.

‘It just sits in the cab, no fuss, every gig has the perfect analogue sound delivered to the PA and back through the monitors. Such a cool product.’ 

— Brian Grilli, International Country Rock Guitarist Nashville, USA

"I'm really enjoying the ease in set up and consistent sound I get with the INTEGRAL Close Cab Miking System. I've already used it live in various venues and in the studio and it faultlessly portrayed my amp every time."

— Rory Evans: Multi-instrumentalist, Session player, Guitarist for bands Alboa and Juno Bassist for Ciircus Street. 

‘Another successful gig using the INTEGRAL Close Miking System… and another pleasantly surprised Soundman. INTEGRAL is clear as a bell.  

— One of Northern Irelands’s premier guitarists and experienced guitar tutors… Roy Fulton.

‘I’ve been using Integral in one of my cabs and I’m really digging it, it’s super quick to mic my amp now and it’s consistent as the mics always in the same spot.’ ​

— Chris Condon, Billy Ray Cyrus, USA

‘The Samsystems IM12 improves the sound of an accurately placed external mike, but from behind the grill without all the fuss involved with mike stands and overspill, sound engineers love it.’ 

— Simon McBride, Simon McBride Band

‘I’m getting such a great sound from my amp through the PA, the sound engineers love it.’ 

— Robbie Macintosh, Paul McCartney, Tom Jones 

‘The Samsystems Integral will make life so much easier live and in the studio.’ 

— Gil Norton, Record Producer,  Foo Fighters, Band of Skulls,


‘I have been touring with Samsystems Integral for a while now, and our FOH engineers love it. I can really hear the difference in my in-ear monitors. There’s no hassle, no EQ to worry about. Just plug in and play for the perfect consistency.’ 

— Josh Elliot, The Dolmen

"Excellent! Sounds just like it
should - a faithful reproduction
of whats coming out of my amp
big and powerful without any added distortion. Lovely!"

— John Verity, John Verity band

‘For both of my roles as a professional musician and sound engineer, the benefits for using the Samsystems Integral miking system are incredible. During a recent 30 date European tour, Integral proved itself, I’ve never heard anything so true and clear, the sweet spot every time. An amazing product.’ 

— James Beck, sound engineer and lead guitarist with MAN.

‘I have used the brilliant Samsystems Integral in my recording work and it’s now permanently installed in my custom made guitar combo.’ 

— Paul Pigat, Recording Artist, Canada

"Another forehead smack
for 'why didn't I think of 

— Andy Fuchs, Audio Technology


I’m currently using it live….alongside the conventional mike-on-a-stand method.’ 

— Russell Marsden, Band Of Skills, UK

"The INTEGRAL Close Miking System makes my job as a sound engineer so much easier. I don’t have to waste time rigging mike stands, so band set up and turnaround times are much quicker. 

It drastically reduces overspill, and when fitted to a guitar cab or combo, the sweet spot is a constant that you take on tour. The separation and clarity of the guitar sound is superb."

— Lez Patterson, Sound Engineer, 

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