Welcome to the new industry standard.

  • The sound alternative to traditional close-miking techniques

  • Supercardioid microphone with extended frequency range

  • Designed to fit 10/12-inch cabs

  • Balanced output

  • Pressure tested at extreme volume

  • Reduces distortion and feedback

  • Consistent output quality

  • Plug & play installation


A fit and forgot concept, inside the cabinet between speaker cone and grill. Never mic up your amp ever again. 

Off-Axis. Super-Cardioid Dynamic Microphone.

"The cleanest sounding guitar tone through a PA speaker I have ever heard..." 

The Rocker Dad Podcast with Rich Antonelli.

"It’s a tidy and effective solution that helps reduce both set-up time and feedback problems to boot. Genius." 


 It actually added more clarity to my sound and enhanced the tone...

I was so impressed that I ordered a 12” one for my Hot Rod Deluxe. I installed it within 30 minutes and there it sits ready to go at every gig and session. I can turn up, plug in and be confident that my sound is going to be good and I won’t suffer any horrible tone surprises.

"Save setup time and space on busy stages with this crafty guitar-amp miking solution!"

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"Consistency from one night to the next is very desirable and now there’s a way to achieve it."

"There's a consistency of sound every time."

"The central domed microphone-housing also acts as a ‘frequency blender’, thus creating the optimum integral position for the microphone to capture the speaker’s high and low end frequencies."